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12 Top Conferences for Content Creators 2022

It can be highly beneficial to attend industry conferences. Which creator conferences are for you?

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Being a Travel Creator isn't just about being creative and building a following online. There are many ways to monetise your creative work, and it can be highly beneficial to attend industry conferences. 

Attending conferences allows you to grow your industry network and creates opportunities to learn from some of the leading industry professionals and gain priceless knowledge. So what is stopping you from taking your career to the next level?

Here are some of the world's best conferences for content creators that you need to add to your calendar.

Social Media Marketing World

March 13-15 | San Diego, California USA

Want to learn the latest social media marketing strategies? Social Media Marketing World is the place to be. This social media marketing conference brings together thousands of the world's leading marketers and influencers in the social media world.


Social Media Week

May 9-11 | New York, USA

This is one of the most significant events for social media marketing, so if you want to focus on improving your skills in this sector, this is the conference for you. Social Media Week brings together the forward thinkers, experts, and more this week to discuss what is next in the industry of social media marketing. There is also a virtual aspect to the event, so you can join no matter where you are.


Arival | Activate

May 29-31 | Berlin, Germany

Arival connects Travel creators worldwide with tour companies and brands in travel and tourism. This is a great conference to attend to rekindle friendships within tourism if you are looking to work with companies selling tours, attractions, and experiences. Check out their site for other dates and locations if you can't make Berlin.



June 6-9 | Marbella, Spain

TBEX is an event where there is something for content creators and industry professionals, and it becomes a melting pot of knowledge. Over 30 sessions, including workshops led by some of the leading creators and travel markets worldwide. This is a great conference to attend if you are looking to improve and develop your skills in writing, storytelling, photography, video creation, and more.



13 June 2023 | Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

This is the conference for all the small business owners and entrepreneurs and those looking for the latest digital marketing. Atomicon is considered the place to take your business to the next level, form strategic partnerships, and be around some of the best in business. This conference is all about growth, so bring a new notebook and a business idea, and you will walk away feeling so prepared to put your dream business into action. 


Altitude Summit


If you are a creative entrepreneur or influencer, this is a great conference to add to your diary. Altitude is all about getting together and collaborating to help support each other's businesses. Working for yourself can mean you don't always have someone to bounce ideas off, and this summit boasts precisely that opportunity. There are several workshops and networking opportunities where you can share ideas with other creatives for constructive criticism. 


Traverse 22

September 13-18 | Brno, Czech Republic

Traverse Events offer a range of virtual and in-person events, and as a content creator, you should be at one of their in-person events. Their events are hosted with an 'anti-conference' theme, making them fun, social, and informative at the same time. Their events aim to connect content creators with brands who are seeking collaborations. This is the place to be for any blogger or content creator who works in travel and tourism.



September 27-29 | LA, California, USA

2022 will be the 9th annual VidSummit held in LA, and it is where the world's top video influencers gather to share all they know about video marketing and how to monetise your creative work. This is the perfect event for any videographer, video creator, and influencer looking to hear from some of the world's leading experts in generating an income from videography. 


CCI Tech Live

October 5-6 | London, UK

Content Creators & Influencers Tech Live is one of London's emerging events for content creators. The conference hosts around 5,000 industry professionals who create social media and online content, and it is hosted at Olympia London. The conference focuses on the technology behind content creation, the latest in video production, and everything you need to know about producing the highest standard content.



October 7-9 | Gdansk, Poland 

Women in Travel Summit is an excellent place for all the women creators. WITS is the number one place for creative entrepreneurs and influencers as the summit brings together DMOs and industry professionals and showcases some of the world's top marketing talent. The focal point of this summit is to network and build collaborative projects while focusing on future innovations within the travel industry and, of course, empowering women and gender-diverse people in this sector.


WTM London 

November 7-9 | London, UK

The World Travel Market, held in London's Excel, is one of the world's most extensive travel and tourism industry events, and it should be on your list of conferences to visit. Although the event may seem more geared towards those who work specifically within travel and tourism, it is an excellent conference for content creators and influencers. Many tourism boards come to advertise their corner of the world and are looking for creators to work with more often than not. The event is usually scheduled for 2-3 days, and it is free entry. There are also some perks for those signing in as media guests, and by obtaining a media pass, you will have access to VIP areas and more. This is a great place to network and find collaboration opportunities. 


Creator Conf

TBD December | Virtual, Online

Creator Conf is considered one of the world's largest online creator and influencer events of the year. However, this is not just any online event, as it brings together over 5,000 creators from around the world and is almost like four events in 1. This conference is aimed explicitly at influencers who use Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok as their primary platform and streamers. 


These are just some of the top conferences that we think creators should be attending. But there are many more out there, and as the industry grows, so will the conferences. So book your tickets or reserve a space now as they fill up quickly, and you get so much from attending. 

If you think we have missed a top industry event for content creators, send it to us!

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